o New dialogs for repeated-measures ANOVA and ANCOVA and plots with one or two repeated-measures factors.

o New dialogs to reshape data sets from wide to long and from long to wide.

o Better handling of discrete numeric variables (after suggestions by Ethan Harris).

o Fix clipboard data set input to work on macOS.

o Improved pie charts and bar graphs via the piechart() and Barplot() functions in RcmdrMisc.

o New File > Exit > Restart Commander menu item (suggestion of Vilmantas Gegzna).

o Fix Tk error produced by closing the dataset viewer and then repopening the same data set (reported by Jose G. Conde).

o Fixes to handling panes with console.output and log.commands options set to various values (thanks to Vilmantas Gegzna).

o Better handling of character data following change to stringsAsFactor option in R 4.0.0+.

o Check for presence of Tktable and adapt to its absence by suppressing the Rcmdr dataset editor and delta method menu item; Tktable eventually to be replaced with tablelist.

o Small improvements and bug fixes.

o Updated translations (with thanks to): Basque (Joserra Rueda), French (Milan Bouchet-Valat), Hungarian (thanks to Tamas Ferenci), Indonesian (I Made Tirta), Japanese (Takaharu Araki), Korean (Jong-Hwa Shin), Russian (Alexey Shipunov), Slovenian (Matjaz Jeran), Spanish (Manuel Munoz Marquez).


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